Scott Bakula think Sam ‘in Bond’ ‘ is still jumping around in time?

Scott Bakula think Sam ‘in Bond’

Two old friends met on “NCIS: New Orleans” this season when Dean Stockwell guest-stars in new series of crime of Scott Bakula. The pair played on “Quantum Leap” for five seasons together in the 1990s, and while they stayed in contact over the years, Bakula tells Zap2it that learn to work together again was wonderful.
“I’ve only worked with Dean again because we stopped“Quantum Leap”,” Bakula says: break from filming on-site in New Orleans. ‘ He invited in an episode of ‘Enterprise’ and who was fantastic, but it was probably 10 years ago. I saw it years, we are talking about, but it is so fun to watch him do his thing and be around him. “
What says Bakula was the best part of the experience of ‘NCIS’ was in fact what happened behind the scenes. James Whitmore Jr. directed the episode of “NCIS: New Orleans”, entitled “Chasing Ghosts,” but he was also the Director of 15 episodes of “Quantum Leap”, including the two parties Oswald episode and the episode of ‘Jimmy’ classic, where Sam leaps into a young man with Down’s Syndrome.
“” “[Whitmore] and I have a ton of history in terms of some wonderful episodes, he shot for us on”Quantum Leap”,” says Bakula, ‘ it is staged for us on NCIS: New Orleans now, I‘m very pleased to have around him.
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Naturally, three former colleagues had much to discuss.
“We our scenes shot in the morning, then broke and went to lunch and has talked for about an hour on the old times… between the three
We there was lot of current history, a lot of good memories,”says Bakula. “It was justone of these days that makes it all worthwhile, where there‘s something magic going it’s just about relationships and people who care about each other.
Making ‘Leap’ was difficult, it was hard eachseason, because he was so ambitious and you go through this experience with a group of people and you become closer. Dean and I was like brothers, it was wonderful to see. “
Conversation se tourne vers la finale de la série de “Quantum Leap”, Whitmore (maillot noir sur la photo) a également ordonné et qui est l’une des meilleures séries finale dans l’histoire de la télévision – but il devient encore plus incroyable après que Bakula relaie la situation entourant son épisode final.

“Je pense que si les gens comprennent les circonstances que Donald Bellisario (le créateur) a écrit que l’épisode sous – nous ne savions pas que nous avons été annulé à l’époque, » dit Bakula. « C’est plus la norme maintenant, ils savent que c’est leur dernière saison, donc ils peuvent s’enrouler vers le haut loose ends ». Mais nous ne savions pas qui.

“Donc Don dû écrire un épisode de cette série qui nous permettrait de revenir si ils ont choisi est en place, ou elle permettrait pour un avenir si il allait être un film, ou lui permettre d’être aussi un épisode final si cela devait être le cas. » Je me sens comme si vous regardez l’épisode compte tenu de ces informations, il devient encore plus spectaculaire.

“Il quitte portes ouvertes, il a enveloppé certaines choses, il a fait les gens se sentent bien, il y avait une tonne d’émotion en elle – c’était juste une métaphore pour le spectacle qui continue et se nourrit à ce jour. » “Fans là-bas ou des gens comme Sam sont là-bas va autour et rendre les choses juste pour d’autres personnes.”

Scott Bakula Biography –

Scott Bakula

Actor, stage actor, television actor (1954-)
Scott Bakula is best known for her role as Dr. Sam Beckett in the popular television series Quantum Leap.
Actor Scott Bakula is born on October 9, 1954, in St. Louis, Missouri. A veteran actor, Bakula is perhaps best known for his work on television, starring in series like Quantum Leap, Star Trek: Enterprise and the men of a Certain age.
Career and early life
Born October 9, 1954, in St. Louis, Missouri, Scott Stewart Bakula developed an interest in performing at an early age, appearing in productions local churches and create his own musical groups. At school, he also proved a strong athlete. Bakula plays tennis, soccer and baseball. During his stay at Kirkwood High School, he was member of the swimming team. He also loved to do water skiing.
The son of a lawyer, Bakula first studied business and College before continuing his passion for the theatre. He moved to New York to pursue her career in 1976, where he found work on stage. After show off-Broadway and regional productions for several years, Bakula debuted on Broadway in 1983 to the musical Marilyn, playing the star‘s second husband, Joe DiMaggio baseball greats.
Breaking into television, Bakula passes expire in California. He filmed the tasks of comments on series such as My Sister Sam and Designing Women. He played in two series of short durations, Gung Ho and Eisenhower & Lutz, before returning to Broadway. In 1988, Bakula won raves for her performance in Romance/Romance. One critic said: “Bakula has the qualities of human leader of Cary Grant or Gregory Peck,” and stressed its «serious good-looking» and «clientelism smile.» The actor received a Tony Award nomination for his work on the show, which featured two different musicals.
“Quantum Leap.
Following the success of the Romance/Romance, Scott Bakula was cast in a new television series, Quantum Leap, opposite Dean Stockwell veteran actor. He played at Sam, a scientist who was transported to another time, another place and another person in each episode. He received numerous distinctions for her work on this series, including a Golden Globe Award and four Emmy Award. The show also proved to be very popular with viewers, lasting five seasons. More featured in the series, Bakula works behind the camera, a Director for several episodes.
During the execution of the Quantum Leap, Bakula has also taken on a few film roles. He appeared in the comedy of 1990 Sibling Rivalry with Kirstie Alley, Bill Pullman, Carrie Fisher. The following year, Bakula has once again shown his humorous side in the comedy sports unnecessary roughness. It addresses more pieces of film after quantum leap ended in 1993, but none match his success of television.